Search Engine Optimisation

So you want your business to rank well in Google? Search Engine Optimisation (commonly known as SEO) is vital to your business if you want to rank well and be found. Fundamentally, Search Engine Optimisation is the role of undertaking a diverse set of activities that are designed to increase the number of desirable visitors to your website by way of search engines.

Both Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing ensure that your website appears in search results. SEM can provide immediate visibility online but is dependent on media spend, whilst SEO is a longer term tactic providing longer lasting search engine rankings.  Most customers undertake a mix to achieve the best overall results.

If you want to improve your advertising campaigns and convert to more successful sales, then our talented, experienced team is the critical key to your digital marketing success.

We can manage all your digital marketing with a combination of creating relevant, engaging adverts, measuring the success of campaigns and conversions to sale, providing the best return on your investment, and all whilst ensuring that you get the best and most relevant online presence possible.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM enables your business to instantly become more visible online with paid advertising. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of buying traffic through paid search advertising listings like AdWords (sometimes referred to as PPC or Pay per Click) so that you can quickly and easily grab the attention of your online audience.

It’s about cost effectively increasing rankings and traffic to your website in search engines. In most instances pleasing search engines means pleasing Google, which accounts for around 95% of all online searches undertaken in New Zealand.

When the foundation of your website and its content ticks all of the right boxes, and has all the critical factors in place that Google uses to determine a top quality website, your site rises up the search rankings. There are over 200 different factors at play in Googles algorithm, and Shazam Web Design is here to help you focus on the right ones for your website, your industry and your target audience.

The higher a website ranks in search results the more traffic you will get online and ultimately the more business and profit you can make from your website. If you want your business to gain a competitive advantage by being visible and have a desire to dominate your market, then undertaking good white hat SEO is crucially important to gain and maintain credibility.

Social Media (Facebook) Marketing

Since the dot-com revolution of the early 2000s, social media marketing has gained more and more prominence. Following those trends has become the norm. Information is disseminated to every corner of the planet by posting, tweeting, re-posting, and so on; all conducted through social networking utilities. Word-of-mouth conversions will no longer suffice in our fast-paced society. Consumers are embracing the participatory freedom that the Internet facilitates.

Clients will value a business more if they present themselves as willing to listen and willing to contribute information of daily relevance. The team at Shazam Web Design specialises in harnessing the power of social connections. These connections provide the groundwork for elevating your business to a new dimension.

Want to be competitive and remain in competition? Our team turns your targets into outcomes.